Portraits: I had an abortion

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Gloria Steinem, 71 (at the time the photo was taken), entered the feminist movement the day she covered Red Stockings abortion speak-out for New York magazine, and finally owned the abortion she had had several years earlier. She describes her abortion as the first time she acted in her own life, rather than let things happen to her. She had her abortion when she was 22. Gloria went on to found several pro-choice organizations, including Voters for Choice and Ms. Magazine and considers reproductive freedom to be the most significant contribution of the 2nd wave feminism.

As the #youknowme movement takes off, I’m reminded of my project that I created with Jennifer Baumgardner more than ten years ago, about women activists who had abortions. This photo series is still relevant today as many find abortion a taboo subject, and won’t talk about their experiences.

I wanted the ‘I had an abortion’ series to be straightforward so that the simplicity of the women’s portraits would standout. This is not a faceless issue. I wanted the viewer to see these women’s stories behind the t-shirt. Among the portraits is one of my own mother. The goal is to spark discussion and debate, and not just between people that already hold similar views. This is an issue that is a part of us all. And by speaking up, and telling our stories, we make abortion a less confrontational topic in American society. The photo essay was recently featured in Buzzfeed and Bored Panda.


Posted in Contemporary Issues, Personal Projects, Women's Health